The All Natural Company - Supplements, Health, Dietary Foods

We supply a fantastic range of well cjosen vitamins and dietary supplements: specialist foods for diabetics and gluten, lactose, wheat, caffeine and sugar intolerance; eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products; specialist skin-care soaps, beautiful hair colourant, creams and lotions,shower products and shampoos

We have a range of child-care goods including bio-degradable nappies and wipes for families who feel a responsibility for the future of our planet, skincare and organic baby and toddler foods and healthy treats

Our Paraben and cruelty-free cosmeticsrange from eye shadow to foundation; we have a range of semi and permanent hair colourings; to pamper yourself we have aselection of massage and essential oils to awaken your senses.

In our chilled and frozen section we have delicious dairy and cholesterol free ice-creams, gluten and lactose free cheese products and vegetarian and vegan suitable foods and drinks, various milks and yoghurts including local Pointen's milk ,goat, soya , almond, oat, rice and quinoa.To accompany these we have specialist breakfast cereals and ingredients for you to create your own recipes.

We have fresh breads daily and have a range of delicious bakers yeast free sourdough breads; our well stocked chees counteroffers choices from local farms and a sublime selection of European cheese and a tasty range of olives and antipasti in our delicatessen section to complement them.

A range of coffee beans which can be ground to your taste, a huge range of teas and tisanes with or without caffeine, crunchy dried nuts and seeds, fruits and pulses, various flours including the famous local Letheringsett Mill flours, non-wheat flours and gluten and lactose free cooking ingredients.

Last but not least to spoil yourself a little, our confectionary range stretches from Kendal Mint Cake to gluten, dairy and sugar free variants.

We are proud to be an independent business and offer our customers excellent choice and friendly service at the best possible price.


Tel: 01263 825881

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